LOGO-GS_bigOur group of companies comes from GUSTAW SECURITAS Ltd., which started its activity in 1988, originally in the field of protection of persons and property - one of the first such companies in Poland. Soon, in October 1989 we received the first concession from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration (for security services, detective services, production and marketing of hunting, sports and gas weapons and ammunition). According to the legislation in force at that time, GUSTAW SECURITAS could, as one of the few, apart from the entities and institutions of the State designated for that purpose, provide the security of the persons, companies and institutions which such protection required.

GUSTAW GROUP is a group of family businesses, many years developed by the owners, a circle of friends and successful colleagues.

Gradually, starting with the basic tasks of preventing crime and misconduct against property, we have evolved into a modern, adapted to changing market conditions and customer needs, a group of companies under the common name of “GUSTAW”, providing a wide range of services.

We invite you to cooperate and to use our knowledge, experience, extensive contact databases and our tailor-made services.